Nov 12, 2018

Midknight Heroes November Newsletter

New Posts
  • Here you go heroes, Vblog # one, the Dog and Pony show. :) Just trying to stream line the update process and let you all know whats going on with Midknight Heroes. Keep you eye out for more. Natakue
  • That's right, right now we got a flash sale going on and and every miniature and Origins eBook is 20% off. It last till midnight June 8th 2018. So what are you waiting for? Natakue
  • Yeah I know its been a bit since I posted in here. Been super busy with a new Kickstarter and other things. I'm going to try and change that and try and promote this board as much as i can and try and build a Super Chibi Community. Yeah, sorry about the pun. So, with that said. How's every one doing? What would you like to see next from us?

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