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Streamers, Midknight Heroes wants to support you. We believe that the Twitch painting community is full of excellent artists and wonderful people.  Streaming is a great way to share our miniatures with the community and see what they look like painted.  We want to support and help to grow this community. That's why we want to support you!

Join our Supported Streamer Program! As part of the program you will get a discount on all of our miniatures in our ebstore to allow you to showcase your Chibi painting skill. In addition we will provide a copy of our logo for you to display. Beyond this, we will advertise your channel on our site and as we visit conventions. If you send us samples of your work on our miniatures, we showcase your work at any conventions we attend. 

How do I sign up?


If you’re a streamer looking to partner with us, send us an email at We will confirm you are a Twitch Streamer with a valid channel and even pop in to visit on one of your live shows. Once we have confirmed your channel, we will reach out and discuss the next steps and get you set up with the program. 

Also if you’re an instructor looking for miniatures for your class. Send us an email at and we can work something out for you. 

So... What are the benefits?


We have three tiers of supported streamers based on your size and partnership with Midknight Heroes.

  • The Silver Tier is typically for Streamers with a smaller audience looking to partner with Midknight Heroes to get some exposure, build the community and their audience. This tier gets a 50% discount  in our webstore. You will also have a personal contact to discuss any special promotions or events, including participation in Super Chibi Weekend. 

  • The  Gold Tier  is for Streamers with a larger audience or who have proven to be strong partners with Midknight Heroes. This tier gets a 75% discount  in our webstore. Similar to the Silver Tier, you will have a personal contact to discuss any special promotions or events, including participation in Super Chibi Weekend. 

  • The  Diamond Tier  is for Streamers who have had long-term partnerships with Midknight Heroes and have proven themselves as true champions of the miniature and streaming community. We work directly with these Streamers to provide miniatures and promotions to meet their specific needs. 

We can't wait to help support you and your channel.

Brian "Natakue" Saunders and the Midknight Heroes Team

Supported Streamers

Snickernack Studios
Gamer Dad
Channel Link:
Social Media Accounts:
Orthober Studio
orthober studio logo.jpg
Sullivan Mini Studios
Art of Mike Disney
Holly Monster
Channel Link:
Social Media Accounts:
The Gamefather
black logo.png
Centimental Minis
Channel Link:
Social Media Accounts:
DragonHeart Miniatures
Channel Link:
Social Media Accounts:
Zombie Brush Studios
Zombie Brush.png
Captain (no words)(2636 x4000).png
Hobbies for Happiness
Hobbies for Happiness.png
Mocha Miniatures
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