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Deep within the rugged peaks of the Stone Peak Mountains, lives a race known as the Dwarven Forge. These stout and resolute dwarves are a unique blend of miners, warriors, clerics, and engineers who possess an unwavering belief in the magic of the earth itself. They draw upon the elemental forces that flow through their land, finding their greatest connection to these energies through the enigmatic Gray Avatar, known as the Pathwalker.

As miners, the Dwarven Forge revel in the depths of the earth, extracting precious ores and gems that lie hidden beneath the rocky surface. They possess a deep understanding of the stony labyrinth beneath their homes, using their knowledge to create intricate tunnels, strongholds, and breathtaking architectural wonders. Their engineering prowess is matched only by their ingenuity, as they often fashion extraordinary machinery, crafted with meticulous care and skill.

However, it is not all work and no play for the Dwarven Forge. They are a race that knows how to enjoy life to the fullest, and their pastime of choice is the art of drinking. From a young age, every dwarf is taught to appreciate and create various types of mead, and the Dwarven Brew Masters hold a revered place in their culture. The more diverse and exotic the brews, the greater the honor bestowed upon the brewer. Their communal halls echo with laughter and merriment as they gather to celebrate life's joys with a tankard in hand.

But make no mistake, the Dwarven Forge's true passion lies in battle. Fierce warriors to the core, they relish the thrill of combat and the taste of victory. Their prowess in armed conflict is legendary, and their thirst for glory and honor is unquenchable. A good drink and a good fight bring them unparalleled joy, and they seek both with unwavering determination.

The Dwarven Forge's existence is not without conflict. Their natural adversaries are the brutish Orcs of the Warfang clan. These two factions clash regularly, locked in an age-old struggle fueled by their fundamental differences. The Dwarven Forge and the Warfang Orcs see the world through opposing lenses, and their skirmishes have become a defining feature of their history.

Super Chibi Dwarven Forge - Tenago


Character Bio

Armor! Weapons! Battle! Friends! Those are all that matter to Tenago. Like most dwarfs, Tenago longs for battle but unlike most, he longs for it at every chance he gets and some believe that's because of the red dragon blood that flows through his veins. Tenago is rare and by most an outcast as his father was a red dragon. No one knows who his father is except for his mother and she will not speak his name but, one things is for sure...he's got his father's temper.

Character Bio

At a young age Brin (short for Brunhilda. She's not fond of that name so don't call her that) was found to have a knack for healing. She was quickly taught to hone her skills with the divine magics but could not tame her desire for a fight. Like her much older cousin Tenago, she to loved to battle, although she did not share his usual grumpy temperament, she did enjoy the good fight. Because of this, she was turned into a battle who could enjoy the fruits of battle but yet still utilize her divine ability on the battlefield. She now can be seen on the battlefield anywhere her cousin tends to go as she is now a more permanent fixture at his side...something Tenago is not too pleased with but, he will make due.


Super Chibi Dwarven Forge - Brin
Super Chibi Dwarven Forge - Eric
Character Bio

To fix things, that is a purpose. Or, at least that’s what Eric thinks. While other dwarfs want to fight and drink Eric is at peace with fixing things. That’s what makes him a great engineer in the eyes of his other dwarfs. His passion is with fixing thing, machines that others break.

Super Chibi Dwarven Forge - Rock Golem
Character Bio

The dwarven race is a proud race. They take pride in everything they do including their creations, the Rock Golem.  Not only are the Rock Golems their labor force for mining but they are also the primary attack and defense force for the dwarven nations.

While slow, these Golems pack a serious punch.



Rock Golem

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