MidKnight Heroes would like to say, Thank you!


We have now done two successful Kickstarters and we could not have done it without the support of our Heroes.


We want to take this time to name those who have supported us and allowed us to grow. Without them, there would be no MidKnight Heroes. 


Crushpop Productions


Impact Miniatures

TrollForge Miniatures

Fortress Figures


Mats by Mars

Indie Game Alliance

Snickernack Studios

Heriberto Valle Martinez


We would also like to say thanks to these special backers who help make this possible.


Vylkira, Sheila & Brian Dixon, Bernd Linke, Jay "Doughnut" Richards, Mike S., François Lauzon, Dustin Riley, Luca Chermak, Buzz Dee, Ulf Kaupisch, Smashskull, J. Dyck, Matt McRae, A.T., NerdyTeddy, Tim Hall  Paintriarchy,Jordan Perry, Smashing The Dousty, James Lewis, Dennis Moore, Devon Weldon, Miguel Granado, Jeffrey D Lowe, Mike Morales, Kirsten Rundberget, Bryan Marshall, CrashGem, Dave Connolly, jstenzel" McLaughlin, Stephen Hoinkes, Adam Everman, Mark Coutu, Amber, Ben Manuszak, Michael Wood,  John L. Vogt, Jack Sweek, Orlando_the_Technicoloured, Slaz, Highlord Tamburlaine, Nic, John H. , Takeshi "Night Walker" Segi, Glingar, Kenta Washington, Robert Street, Eitetsu, Caleb Tackett, 
Robert "
ClawmerKen Robinson, 



Patrons, we want to say thank you. You will help us move into a new direction and grow even more as a company. Thank you!

Patrons of Super Chibi Box:

Andrew McWatt                  Eradose

GM Leigh                                 Jenny Underwood

Kimberly Hartz                   Minky

Ponto_Hornblower         Rosario Chayo Godinez