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2024, whats to come from Midknight Heroes

First and foremost, we'd like to wish you a belated Happy New Year! After the Warfair Weekend, we took a brief holiday break to recharge and prepare for 2024. Now, we're back and ready to tackle the year ahead!

Here's what you can anticipate from Midknight Heroes in 2024:

  1. Reorganization: We're making some final adjustments by introducing a collector's line similar to Super Chibi. This line, focused more on painters than gamers, will include the Midknight Nights series and our Bust line. Midknight Nights will feature 70% busts and 30% 70mm and up miniatures with an adult night or club wear theme. Planned characters include Captain Sedi, Takata, and Sakura. Captain Sedi will be a stretch goal in the upcoming March Kickstarter. The Bust line will exclusively offer various busts for painters.

  2. Dual Fates: A major highlight for 2024 is Dual Fates. We've received overwhelmingly positive responses and great feedback from Warfair Weekend. Expect more content on Dual Fates, including videos on our IG/TikTok and Facebook feeds. We're actively working on incorporating all characters into the game and creating rules for any new additions.

  3. Box Sets: Our box sets will be reorganized to provide quality materials for Dual Fates. These sets will either serve as support boxes or starter packs that can be used straight out of the gate.

  4. Lore: We're diligently crafting lore for our Super Chibi and Manapath lines. Look forward to short stories that will enrich your understanding of the diverse worlds we've created.

  5. Website Optimization: We've heard your feedback about our website, and we're committed to optimizing it. We're actively exploring ways to enhance the user experience, so stay tuned for updates.

  6. Discord: We're aiming to make our Discord server the central hub for Midknight Heroes information. If you haven't joined yet, we encourage you to do so and start sharing your thoughts and posts related to MKH.

  7. Manapath/Super Chibi: While Manapath will continue, our primary focus will be on Super Chibi. Manapath will still see occasional releases, but the emphasis will be on Super Chibi.

  8. Kickstarter: Moving forward, Kickstarter will be the primary platform for releasing new miniatures. We plan to host one main Kickstarter in March (STL only) and additional mini Kickstarters throughout the year, offering the option for physical miniatures.

We're hard at work to bring these plans to fruition and are excited about what 2024 holds. Catch us at Super Chibi Weekend at ATG Expo, ReaperCon, and Warfair Weekend! See you there!

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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