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Artisan Guild Licensed Printer!

Heroes, with all the commotion of the Pre-Orders of Ember and Shade we forgot to mention we are now a licensed printer for Artisan Guild. If you're not familiar with Artisan Guild they are an amazing service on Pateron that each month makes amazing sculpts for 3d printing. We have now become a "Merchant" and are now allowed to print the files and sale them.

Right now the list of items we are selling is small. Why? Well, we are making test files to get a good build plate for them. We want to make sure they print with minimum supports as possible. Once we get a good build plate file as we like to call it then we can release them on the site for sale. Right now we have 4 ready to go but will be adding more each day till we get them all, and trust me it will be a long time before we get them all. We got a TON of files to go through.

So head on over to our shop and check out what we got. Just note that any Artisan guild items purchased are print on demand items. We do not keep stock of them so when you order we got to print them and get them ready for you. That process takes about a week or two then they will be on their way to you.

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