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Big update:

So, next week will be a big week. Not only will we have our smaller expansion Yin and Yang going on at Kickstarter but we will also have our annual Black Friday week-long sale. 25% off everything in the store with the code MKHBFriday.

Yep, that's right 25% off everything.

Also if you head over to our site you will see that we released a new version of Dual Fates, V0.2.7. This edition has some small tweaks mainly to melee and ranged combat. We also changed up the way Faction Summoning Totems work. Go check it out. (We have new generic summoning totems in the works at the moment)

Expansion Kickstarter will run for 15 days and right now we have 2 stretch goals planned. Funding is VERY low and that is for a good reason. If the Kickstarter takes off we can and will add more .STL stretch goals of existing figures.

Evera: Evera the Warfaire Weekend model that was released at Warfaire Weekend will be hitting the store next week. Her Unit Card and PDF unit sheet will also be hitting the site next week as well.

As always thank you all for your support and we will see you next week for a HUGE week for Midknight Heroes.

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