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Brin up for Preorder, ships 5/31/2021

Brin now up for Pre-Order in the Online shop.

At a young age Brin (short for Brunhilda. She's not fond of that name so don't call her that) was found to have a knack for healing. She was quickly taught to hone her skills with the divine magics but could not tame her desire for a fight. Like her much older cousin Tenago, she to loved to battle, although she did not share is usual grumpy temperament, she did enjoy the good fight. Because of this, she was turned into a battle who could enjoy the fruits of battle but yet still utilize her divine ability on the battlefield. She now can be seen on the battlefield anywhere her cousin tends to go as she is now a more permanent fixture at his side...something Tenago is not too pleased with but, he will make due.

Brin is a Level 2, 30mm miniature. Brin comes in two parts and with a 25mm base. She will ship on 5/31/2021 and any order that has her will not ship till 5/31/2021.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team.

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