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Elvia, now up for Pre-Order in the online store.

Elvia is now ready for Pre-Order on our online store. She will ship out at the End of October. Elvia was sculpted by Celia Miniatures and is 30mm in scale and is also a Level 1 miniature so no having to glue any parts together. So, get her while she's hot!


Elvia a proud member of the Elvarian race and was one of the first to decent on to Eden after their conflict with the Void elves. Unknowing to them Eden was already in its own war, the war of the factions, the war between the Order and the Discord. Very quickly the Elvarian people had to choose a side and enter the war to protect their new home. Siding with the faction known as he Order the Evalrian people along with the E.U.N. began their crusade to defeat the Discord with Elvia taking center stage as one of the top Elvarian warriors.


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