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Ember & Shade up for Pre-order!

Hey heroes Ember and Shade our first ever "Monster" class miniatures are now up for pre-order. The pre-Order lasts till the end of November and they will ship early December just in time for Christmas. You can find them in our online store, just click on the "products" tab.

So, if you'r looking for some awesome monsters for you RPG games or even some for you tabletop war-games these are perfect for you. Both Ember and Shade are scaled at 60mm and come with a 60mm base, these guys are huge.

Just like all our miniatures they are 3d printed and will require light sanding and clipping of support "nubs" before you prime or paint.

So, happy hunting heroes we cant wait to see what you guys do with these two.

Brian "Natakue" Saunders

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