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Expansion Mini, Yang

Hey there heroes, Just needed to touch base with you. Our little experiment for the single-expansion mini currently is not going as we wanted. That is 100% okay as this was an experiment from the get-go. Now, we like the concept but we think we need to tweak it just a little before it comes back. So, with that said we are going to go ahead and release Yang anyway.

The campaign will run its full length and those who donate will still get the option to either get the STL or a physical version. If you are at Warfaire Weekend you will have the option to pick this guy up as well. After that, he will show up in the store along with other things in November.

Moving forward we are going to tweak this program a little. It may be moved to Kickstarter, it may stay here at this point I don't know. But we will see how this all works out.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team.

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