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Grog and Artisan Ogre now in the store.

Heroes, we now have Grog back in stock! YEAH! I know a lot of you have asked for his return and here he is. So why was he gone in the first place? Well we were trying to get him reworked and that is still on the table but right now it ha not panned out the way we want. So we added him back to the store for those who want him. But, we have a warning.

Grog is the biggest miniature we have build to date with sheer numbers of parts to build. He's in the double digits of parts and that alone should tell you how difficult he is to assemble. He is a level 4 and he will require some advance skills in miniature assembly. He will require pinning, gap filling, and other advanced skills. He is not for the faint of heart to put together but the end result is AMAZING!

Midknight Heroes Grog painted by Mike Disney
Midknight Heroes Grog

Midknight Heroes Grog, Ember and Shade painted by Mike Disney
Midknight Heroes, Grog, Ember and Shade

Now just like all our miniatures, Grog is print on demand so if you order him please allow up to two weeks before he is shipped. 9 time out of 10 that will be less than 2 weeks but please allow two weeks.

Now that else do we have? Well, I'm glad you asked.

We have released new Artisan guild miniatures for you as well. We told you we would be working on the Orge set and we got them ready. We still have one more test print to do for Gronk but that will come very soon so keep an eye out. So here we have ...

Burt with his Dwarf Stew

Ogre Marauder A

Ogre Marauder B

Ogre Marauder C

Ogre Marauder D

Next set we work on...Dwarfs

So there you have it. more releases for Midknight Heroes. We will have more news for you very soon about something we think you all will enjoy.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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