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Hours of Operation

OK Heroes we added an Hour of Operations to the footer of our site. What does this mean? Well, its meas that during those hours, order pulling will be done. Over this Covid -19 shutdown we have gotten a ton of orders, and that is a good thing, we love it, and we thank you for supporting up but we need time to do other things as well like print stock and answer emails and so forth. Right now we have gotten most orders to a 1 week turn around and we want to keep it that way so we have to get some time to do other functions of day to day operations. We thank you for understanding. Now that does not mean you cant contact us. You can contact us at any time and we will get back to you ASAP it just means we will only be pulling orders on the hours of operations.

You take care and stay safe and see you next time. :)

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team.

Current hours of Operations:

Monday : 6pm to 10pm

Wednesday 6pm to 10pm

Friday 6pm to 10pm

Saturday 1pm to 7pm

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