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Introducing Orin, Priest of Ashara

Hey, Heroes so you know what we are going to do starting in January. We are going to start a Patreon called Super Chibi Box. This Box will contain either 2 larger models 55mm or 60mm or 3 smaller 30mm models and one bottle of Super Chibi Acrylics Paint each month. All for $25 plus shipping. (Shipping Included in the Tier) What you don’t know is the first set we plan on doing. We plan on doing Midknight (Quest Edition), Deyanni and our new character Orin. Oh, you don’t know who Orin is? Well, let me just take the time to tell you about him.

Orin is a gentle soul that has seen many horrors in Ashara but still sees the good in people. He has served the Lifebringer personally, fighting by his side against the Dark One and has even traveled with the grand wizard Theon till his untimely death. Here recently he has been seen traveling with the young wizard Essa. Some believe he’s protecting her as she is the granddaughter to his late friend, Theon but no one really knows his true intentions, but one this is for sure. If you’re with Orin you can believe you in good hands.

Orin is a priest of the Order of Light and uses the power of the light to heal and protect those who he loves. He is a follower of the Avatar of the Light the Lifebringer and considers his teacher a mentor, even though he’s older than him if you think about it. His heart is of love and he does not like to fight unless he has to and when he does he prefers to stay in the back and heal.

Orin will be a level 1 30mm miniature in the world of Super Chibi Quest and is guaranteed in the first Super Chibi Box. He will go on pre-order in February after the first box is shipped and released at the end of February.

After Orin is released we have 6 more characters ready to move to the sculpt phase (not including the redesign of Grog) If you are a backer to our Patreon you will get to help decide what character comes next. Your vote will be heavily counted in the decision on what character is next. So if you want to help influence the direction of Midknight Heroes joins our Patreon Super Chibi Box!

Brian And the Midknight Heroes Team.

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