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Midknight Collectors Edition now up for Pre-Order.

Hello Heroes, it's been a long time coming but our new Collectors line is now launched. Our collector's line is meant for those who love to collect and paint awesome minis. The line will be a line of 70mm characters that are chibi and non-chibi from our Super Chibi Universe. We will be taking some of our more popular characters and giving them this treatment. We are also including a 30mm version of the characters in case you want to use them in any RPG or any other game you deem fit.

Our Collectors line will start off with Midknight her self. This mini is based on the Super Chibi Midknight Quest edition. She is a level 2 mini and comes in three parts and base.

You can find her on our online store and if you use code CUTEFRIDAY during November 23rd - 27th you can get 25% off your order.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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