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Midknight Heroes Expansion: Yin And Yang now live!


Greetings, Heroes! We're excited to share news about our latest Kickstarter campaign, the Midknight Heroes Expansion: Yin and Yang. This campaign serves as a prelude to our main Kickstarter in March 2024 and focuses on expanding the Super Chibi Line with additional miniatures for our game, Dual Fates. It's a relatively small project, aiming to enhance the game experience by introducing more units.

For backers, there are two options available: supporting the campaign for digital files (.STL) or opting for physical miniatures. The scope of the campaign is modest, featuring only three stretch goals. If all these goals are achieved, a new faction called the Dichu will be introduced into Dual Fates.

While the initial plan is concise, we're open to the possibility of adding stretch goals for existing miniatures in .STL format if the campaign gains significant traction. Your support could lead to the creation of more content.

If you're a fan of cute Panda monks and the idea of expanding your collection with additional martial artists, we encourage you to visit our Kickstarter page. Every bit of support counts, and even a modest contribution will help us reach our funding goal.

Here's an exciting note: With just one pledge, no add-ons, and no additional costs, backers will receive unlocked rewards if the campaign reaches its goals. Join us on this adventure, and let's make Midknight Heroes Expansion a reality!

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

Stretch Goals:

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