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Midknight Heroes Update 3/21/2022, New Miniature line? [Video]

Hey Heroes, just a quick little vblog here to let you know what going on with your favorite miniature company. :) We figured it would be best to do it this way since you will not be hit with a GIANT word wall.

Here are a few Keynotes:

  1. Dual Fates is ready but, it will not be coming out just yet. Listen to the video for more info on why. look for a September release.

  2. We have a new line that will be released very soon and will be on full display at ReaperCon. It's called ManaPath. Anime inspired fantasy line

  3. Affiliate program. Our new Affiliate program will be up and running very soon and we want to invite any and all of you to join.

So yeah that's what we got going on for now but if you watch the video it will go into a little more depth on what's going on. Talk to you very soon and as always thank you all for your support of Midknight Heroes.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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