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Midknight Heroes Vblog #1

Ok, heroes as we stated in the last newsletter we are going to be doing Vblogs to help get the word out on what we are doing. Well its time we start that. Here is out first in a long series of Vblogs that we will be doing with the intent to update you, and give you a little idea of whats goes on behind the scenes here at Midknight Heroes.

In our first Vblog is the Dog an Pony show as I like to call it. I tell you who I am and what Midknight Heroes is, not only as a company but to me as well. My gal is to get one or more of these out a month to update you all and to try and stream line the update process for all of us.

I hope you enjoy and to all of the heroes out there, happy holidays!

Brian "Natakue" Saunders.

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