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New look to the site!

Hey Heroes as you can tell we have a new look to the site. We are still not 100% done as we have to add more artwork and sections to the site but this is part of the new direction we will be going in. So just keep an eye out for new features appearing to the site.

So whats new so far?

The shop. The shop has had a major over haul. You can now see everything in one page and filter what world or selection your looking for. This is a huge upgrade for us as our last shop was well, not that great.

We also made the site a lot easier to read by going to a more black and white color scheme. Its much easier on the eyes if you ask us and that is what we are looking for.

Whats left to be done?

We still have to change out all the graphics for all the products in the shop because we now have a new Super Chibi Logo.

This will be the new logo for the Super Chibi Line going forward. This is not a major issue so it will be an a on going change as we move forward. We also want to add section for each character we have giving you a little background on who and what they are and how they will fit in the games we have coming up. We also want to add a section for each world explaining the world in general. These updates are the ones that will take the longest and will be on going on for some time.

So, hope you like the new look and fell and their is much more on the way. If you have any ideas please drop us a line on the contact page and we will get back to you ASAP.


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