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New Unit sheets...Undead Court

Greetings, brave adventurers and strategic warlords! Today is a momentous day in the realm of Midknight Heroes as we unleash a new and bone-chilling addition to the ever-expanding world of Dual Fates. We are thrilled to announce the arrival of the fearsome faction, The Undead Court, and their brand-new unit sheet that will bring unprecedented horror and might to the battlefield!

Embrace the Darkness: The Undead Court

For those who dare to tread into the realm of The Undead Court, be prepared to face an unrelenting tide of darkness and terror. This faction, true to its nature, revolves around a relentless horde-style army that will engulf your enemies and leave them quivering with fear. The Undead Court has long been a force to be reckoned with, and now, its power is amplified with the introduction of four menacing companion class units and a general.

Meet the New Units

Dark Midknight: At the forefront of The Undead Court stands the formidable Dark Midknight. Wielding The soul shield and the Ebone Blade, this eerie warrior strikes fear into the hearts of her foes. Ready to lead the charge and steal the souls of her enemy.

Bone Soldier: Silent and unyielding, the Bone Soldier emerges from the depths of the undead ranks. Armed with a trusty sword, these skeletal warriors form the relentless backbone of The Undead Court's forces.

Bone Archer: Perched atop crumbling battlements or lurking in the shadows of the haunted woods, the Bone Archers are masters of the bow and can deliver swift and deadly volleys from a distance.

Bone Warrior: Risen from the grave, the Bone Warriors are terrifying frontline fighters that can withstand tremendous amounts of punishment. Their tenacity and unwavering loyalty to The Undead Court make them a force to be reckoned with.

Zombie: The epitome of undead horror, the Zombies are relentless in their pursuit of living flesh. Unfazed by pain and decay, these terrifying creatures will sow chaos and despair in the hearts of your enemies.

Master the Horde: Unleash Your Strategy

The Undead Court's play style is unlike any other faction in Dual Fates. With over 90% of its units being companion class, you'll have the power to amass a massive horde that will strike fear into the hearts of your rivals. Embrace the art of strategic warfare as you coordinate your forces to exploit weaknesses and overwhelm your foes with sheer numbers.

Assemble Your Army: Get the Unit Sheets Today!

Prepare to lead the charge of The Undead Court in your battles on the tabletop with our latest addition to the Dual Fates universe. These bone-chilling units are now available in their dedicated unit sheets, complete with detailed stats, abilities, and artwork that captures the essence of their terrifying nature.

Visit the unit sheet section and grab the Unit Sheets for Dark Midknight, Bone Soldier, Bone Archer, Bone Warrior, and Zombie to bolster your undead forces and ensure victory in the realm of Dual Fates.

Join the War: Dual Fates Awaits!

If you're new to the world of Dual Fates, now is the perfect time to delve into the immersive tabletop experience. Summon your heroes or villains, and embark on epic battles that will shape the fate of the realm.

The Undead Court has risen, and the horde is calling. Will you answer?

Prepare yourself for the darkness that awaits, and join the ranks of The Undead Court in Dual Fates today!

May the fates be ever in your favor. Happy gaming!

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