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New Year sale!

Ok, Heroes, we are a little late to the party, sorry been a busy day. But we want to announce our new year's sale. From now till January 31st if you enter the code MKH2020 at checkout you will get 25% off your whole order. This is on all our items...including our Artisan Guild items. Yeah, we mean ALL. :)

Speaking of Artisan Guild we will now be carrying all the items, not just the items we have tested. Give us some time and we will add them to the store. They will be there during this sale we promise so, If you don't see something and you want it, just give us a message and we will get it up asap.

With that said we hope all you Heroes have an amazing 2020 and we hope that Midknoght Heroes is in your plans this year. Thank you all for your support!

**Note: All items are print on demand. Please allow up to two weeks to ship. Most times shipping goes out sooner but we give our self a two week print time depending on demand.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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