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No late pledges this time around.

OK Heroes we have a small change in plans. We intended to launch late pledges this week but after thinking about it we have decided to not do that.


Well both late pledges and our pledge manager will be the same thing. It' been that way now since the last Kickstarter and it has worked out very well for us. But since they are the same thing we thought why do it twice? It just adds more confusion on the backers part. So this time around we have decided to forgo the late pledges and just stick with the pledge manager. So, how will this work? When we get closer to fulfillment we will open the pledge manager and at that time those who have not backed in the KS and still want to get in on the action can do so. You will still be able to get the items at the same price point that you could in the KS so it will all be the same.

I hope you all understand why we did this and we will see you very soon.


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