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November Releases

OK, Heroes, we want to talk about our November Releases. Each month we will list all the miniatures we released over the course of the previous month and are now up and ready for purchase in the shop. These will mostly be Artisan Guild Miniature because we have so many to get up and every now and then our miniatures as well as we get them sculpted and ready to go.

Speaking of Artisan guild if you don't already know we are a licensed printer for Artisan Guild. You can get any of their miniatures from use after we release them to our store. We make sure we get the best possible print and test them till we get the right "build plate". Once we get them where we want them then we open them up to our shop. Please note although Artisan Guild does sculpt bases with their miniatures we do not print the bases for them. That does not mean we do not ship bases with them, because we do, its just not any "printed" bases. We do this because as of right now we have not gotten any "quality" base prints and we do not want to ship a lackluster product, so we just include a standard black base for now.

November Releases

Super Chibi:

Ember and Shade of the War Fang Clan in Super Chibi Quest

Monster Class Miniatures, 60mm scale, Level 2

Artisan Guild:

Human Fighters:

Elena - Fighter Beauty [Non Skimpy]

Elena- Fighter Beauty [Skimpy]


Morgana - Ascended

Modular Fighter - Male No Helmet

Modular Fighter - Female No Helmet



Runa - Female Beauty No Helmet

Troubles in Taverns:

Aline - Bow

We are working on Ogre set right now and that is the main set we will be trying to get out in December so keep an eye out for them as those suckers are BIG!

See you next month with our releases.

The Midknight Heroes team.

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