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Orin, Priest of Ashara

Hey heroes, let's take a second and talk about Orin our new Hero coming to preorder in February or if you become a Patron you get at the end of this month.

Orin from an early age showed a kind heart to everyone, especially little children. To him, the children were the future of Ahsara and he wanted to make sure they were safe and looked after. He would often take time to entertain them with stories and feats of magic even though they were very simple to him.

His love for magic never faded and his devotion to the Life Bringer made him a very important person in the Order of light. He served the past Life Bringer as her personal assistant and was at the battle where she lost her like to the past Dark One. Seeing her fall in battle hurt him deeply and even after the new avatar of light was appointed he had to take a step back from the Order. He removed himself from the Order but not cutting ties altogether, he still loved the Order and would return if they truly needed him. He went in search of a young girl who was said to have amazing potential with magic and to his surprise also the granddaughter of an old friend of his. Her name, Essa. His hope was that he could instruct her in the ways of magic even though his and her magic were of two different lights. Only time will tell if he will be successful or not.

Orin is our first new character of 2020. He will go on pre-order in February and shipped out at the end of February. But, if you want him sooner you can get him before that. TO get him sooner just become a Patron of our monthly subscription box on our Patreon called Super Chibi Box. Not only will you get Orin but a random assortment of chibi miniatured each month and if a new character is released you are guaranteed to get them. And when the Patreon takes off we will have more new characters come out on a regular basis.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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