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Patreon and Site changes as of September 1st

Hello Heroes! We wanted to provide a quick update on some recent changes coming to our pricing structure. Due to the recent pandemic and resulting recession, as a small company, we have been impacted similarly to how many other small businesses have been affected. For Midknight Heroes, we have missed several conventions this year that we regularly attend, including Reaper Con. In addition to this, we have seen a rise in maintenance costs as well as supplies, such as resin, alcohol (90% IPA), and protective gloves. As such we will be increasing the price of our standard 30 mm miniatures from $7 to $10.00 effective September 1st. There will also be some changes to the pricing on several of our larger miniatures, which will be reflected on our web store. In addition, we will be increasing the base cost of our single miniature pledge on our Patreon from $5 to $10.00 starting with the September Patreon. At this time

Although we understand many of our customers are also impacted by the pandemic and recession, we sincerely hope you understand why we are making these changes and will continue to support Midknight Heroes as we continue to bring you new miniatures.

Thank You,

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team.

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