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Super Chibi Clash Collector Edition

Heroes its time to share something with you that has been a long time in the making. We have partnered up Monolith to publish all our material for Super Chibi and last year the first run of Super Chibi Clash was a success. Now, the collector's edition of Super Chibi Clash is available from Monolith on the CPOP Direct store in hardback form. Super Chibi Clash is the first in a long line of stories set in our Super Chibi Universe and tells the story of how Shin from Sector 7 saved the world of Super Chibi Clash, Limeriea. This five issue mini-series is now all together in one hardback or softback book for you to read as well as in ebook format as well. Plus has some extra stories from an up and coming series that we plan on releasing next year.

Special little tidbit of info. If you plan on attending ReaperCon or LoneStar Gaming Expo we will have an extremely limited amount on hand. If you purchase yours at any of those cons it will come signed by the author Brian Saunders and have an art print as well. So see you there!

Brian "Natakue" Saunders

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