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Super Chibi Round 3 Miniatures now in the Shop!

Hey heroes good news, all the miniatures from the Super Chibi Round 3 Kickstarter are now in the Shop. So, if you missed out on any of the miniatures, you can get you a set.

So, lets take a look at what characters we got.

First off we have our Midknight bust. [Pictured above] She is a 60mm multi-part resin miniature and the first of many Chibi bust that we got planed. To find here head over to the shop and look under the bust section.

Next up we have Shin a character in the word of Super Chibi Sector 7. Shin is a 30mm single cast resin miniature. To find him head over to the shop and look under the Sector 7 section.

Still in the Sector 7 world we have AV or Absolute Valentine. AV is a special character in Sector 7 and he is a cross over character from our good friends over at CPOP/Monolith. He is a single cast 30mm miniature cast in resin. You can find him over at the shop under the Sector 7 section.

Last but not least we have Deyanni the forest Elf archer from Super Chibi Tactics. She is one of the most complex characters we have made so far. She is a multi-part 30mm resin miniature, six parts to be exact. She is very high detailed and a very fun build. If your interested in her you can find her in the shop under the Super Chibi Tactics section.

We want to say thank you to all the backers who backed this set and we cant wait to see you all for Round 4 this April 10th!


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