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Super Chibi Round 3 Shipping done!

Super Chibi Round 3 is out the door for those who have paid for their shipping. There are only two orders left to be shipped and i'm in contact with those backers now. Those who have not paid for their shipping, you will be getting a reminder email very soon so we can get your rewards out to you.

So whats next?

Well Super Chibi Round 4 is getting ready to Kickstarter here in April. It will follow along the same lines as Round 3 for the Kickstarter part, shipping will change a little as we did not like how we handled shipping this time but that out side of the Kickstarter. For $20 you will be able to fund our 3 miniature core set. Then after that we will have stretch goals unlocked. The initial funding goal will be $1000 but after that the goals will open up very quickly.

We are focusing more on the fantasy side this time but we do have two character that are not fantasy. Sorry we just had to.

So keep an eye out for Super Chibi Round 4 coming April 10th to Kickstarter.

We will be doing some more posts soon on who the Characters are. DOnt forget to follwo us on Facebook Twitter and Instagram for up updates.


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