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Super Chibi Round 4, Launching April 10th

OK Heroes, its time for another round of Super Chibi from Midknight Heroes. Our next round will launch on Kickstarter April 10th 2018 and will run for 17 days. Just like Round 3 the standard pledge will be $20 and you will get all three of the core chibi's in this round plus any unlocked stretch goals that are not add-ons. Yes this Kickstarter will have two add-ons later in the campaign, you will understand when you see them why they are Add-ons. So, mark your calender's April 10th is the day.

So with that said lets take a look at the new core set.

Nona, the Uni Mage of Super Chibi Clash

Tenago, the Dwarf warrior half breed : Tactics

Sakura, the gang enforcer: Sector 7

We also have a few stretch goals planed that we thing will blow your mind. We hope to see you there on April 10th.


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