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Super Chibi Villains Kickstarter now live!

Super Chibi Villains is the next step in the Super Chibi miniatures line but this time we focus on the evil side of the Super Chibi Universe. Ever Hero needs a Villain to fight right? So, what is Super Chibi? Well, that's a great question. Super Chibi is a shared universe that spans four worlds, created by MidKnight Heroes. Each world has its own style and flare but at it's core, pure Chibi. What's in these Super Chibi worlds? Well, everything from mecha and cyborgs, to fantasy and monsters! In this Kickstarter, we introduce 3 new characters or villains. Tynelli Dayvale, Lilyana, and Nagisa

Kickstarter Link:

Tynelli Dayvale


Nagisa: A CPOP Character

Kickstarter video

Thank you all for your support and we will see you soon with some Villains!


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