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The holiday Sale starts now! November 23rd - 27th

Hey Heroes the Holiday sale starts now. From now till (23rd) the 27th we will be running our holiday sale with daily special that we will announce. Some of these deals will be a permeate additions to our line while some may be a one-day-only thing. So you will need to come back often to check what we have for you Heroes.

Use code CUTEFRIDAY to get 25% off your entire order during the Holiday sale.

First up we would like to announce our new 60mm Sakura Bust. Sakura is one of our more popular characters and we figure that there would be no better way to celebrate her than by giving her, her own bust. Its a 60mm level 2 bust that comes with her swords and is one a plinth just like the Takata bust. She will be a standard addition to our line but, for the Holiday Sale, we did create some very limited "Green" editions of her. These Green editions will be a one-time thing, once they are gone they are gone.

The 'Green" edition

The Standard Edition

As always thank you all for the support and keep checking back for what deals we will have the following day.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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