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Upcoming Kickstarter, Expansion

Ok, you have been asking for it and well, here it comes. For years we have been asked if we will ever sell our STL files for our miniatures. Our answer has always been we have no plans to do that.

Well, that has changed. To a degree. In March, we will be another Kickstarter. This Kickstarter will be 100% STL files, no physical prints will be shipped out. You will be able to get stl files for Super Chibi and our new Line Manapath in this Kickstarter. This will be the ONLY time you will be able to get these files. Once the Kickstarter is done these files will not be available for sale. So, if you want any of our STL files this will be the place to get them because like we said, once it's done we will not sell the STL files again unless a miniature is updated.

So, why an STL Kickstarter?

Simple. We want to expand the new Manapath line and eventually expand the Super Chibi line greater. But our last Kickstarter was brutal on us. We had so many miniatures to print and send out we almost did not get them all out. If we do STL files we do not have to worry about shipping, once the files are done you get them. End of story.

Doing it this way allows us to expand the lines and get you your miniatures. You can print them off yourself, hire a 3d printer to do it, or have us print them out for you at a later date. It just seems overall the best way to go about it.

So what can you expect in Kickstarter?

All new core set of miniatures for the Manapath line, access to a core set of STL files for Super Chibi, and access to more super chibi files as stretch goals. You will also see more Manapath miniatures show up as stretch goals and some special stuff that we want to try out here and there.

Right now we have a date of March 7th for the launch of the Kickstarter and a full delivery date of no later than July.

As we move along we will show off some of the concepts of the new Manapath miniatures you will have access to like Leonide the Fai chieftan...

As always thank you for your support and feel free to share this with your friends. We cant wait to see you for the Midknight Heroes Expansion.

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