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Update and where is Midknight Heroes heading?

OK, Heroes, I wanted to take this time to give you a major update in regards to Midknight Heroes. I have not done this is a bit so I warn you it will be a long post but it will be filled with very cool info. So to give you a cliffs note version what can you expect from this update?

• Update on Super Chibi Round 4

• Update on Super Chibi A.C.E.

• Con update info

• Midknight Heroes moving forward.

OK so let’s start off with Super Chibi Round 4 shall we.

SCR4 is our best Kickstarter to date and for that, we want to thank you. It means we are doing what we set out to do and you heroes are enjoying our product. From the get-go we wanted to make HQ miniatures in general and our Chibi line is slowly but surely taking off and it’s amazing to see this all unfold in front of us. Right now we are still on schedule to ship no later than October 2018 and don’t see any delays but that could change. If for any reason that does change we will inform you. Now, all of the core miniatures and first two stretch goals are out to printing right now and the last two stretch goals Takata and Grog are being worked on as we type. (We will have another update soon on Takata via Kickstarter to show you W.I.P shots) As for the pledge manager for SCR4, it will be launched sometime in August to get our final numbers for the Kickstarter. How this will work is simple. We use our online store as our pledge manager. We will issue you a code (coupon) for the amount you pledged in the Kickstarter. All you will need to do is add the items you want into your cart then apply the code and pay for shipping and then you’re done. Once the items arrive we will then ship them all out to you. It’s that simple. Every Kickstarter we tend to have some who just never for some reason confirm there pledge. We will attempt to contact you a set number of times to make sure you confirm and if for some reason you don’t don’t worry, your items will be set aside till you do.

So what about Super Chibi A.C.E.?

For those of you who do not know, we do have a game. We ran a Kickstarter for it last year and well, we were not prepared. We launched it way to soon and it failed. Well, we took the game back to the drawing board and polished it up and even took it to RepaerCon 2017 for some demos. We got some amazing feedback on the game and took it back and polished it up even more. So after SCR4 is delivered expect to see a Kickstarter for Super Chibi A.C.E. and this time we know we will do much better but, there are a few things you need to know about this Kickstarter. The first edition of A.C.E will be a boxed limited edition. Meaning yeah we will get some extra out of the KS but once they are gone they are gone. After the KS the components will be up for sale on the site to play ace but there will not be another box set until we move to the second edition. Now I know what you're saying what is A.C.E.? Well A.C.E. stands for Arcade combat Engine and it’s a game that pays homage to all the old 2d fighting games of the 90’s. Yeah, we know there a few of them out there already but none of them has the system like we do. We took the arcade system straight from the arcade and ported it to the tabletop using a card-based design. It works, and it works very well. We also took the combo system from some of the well know combo fighting games and imported it as well and it works out very well but what set us apart from all the others is this. Character Creation! We allow you to take any miniature not just Chibi and turn them into a fighter. You want to make a fighting tournament for another range of minis, go for it we got you covered. We hope you all enjoy it and will update you more as we move forward.

Con Info.

As we grow we will be attending more cons. Right now we are focusing on local (DFW area) cons but want to grow to others as we grow is size. Right now you can find us at ReaperCon as this, going forward will be a con we attend annually. You will also be able to find us at the new up and coming con Lone Star Gaming Expo that right now is the weekend after Reapercon. It’s a con focused on RPG and tabletop wargaming so it fits us as that is the market we want to fit into. ( more on that in a bit) We are also applying to be a vendor and next year’s Arlingcon a family fun, friendly free one day only con hosted by the Arlington Public Library. We went there last year and had a blast! Cosplayers Galore! We are also looking into the possibility to trying to go to the Warlord Games Con next year but that’s not set in stone just yet. Our goal for cons is to work our way up and get to cons like Adepticon and GenCon one of these days instead of just jumping right in. Everyone has to have a goal right? So if you going to be out at ReaperCon 2018 come by and see us at booth #13 we would love to talk to you and hear your thoughts on Midknight Heroes.

So what’s the plan moving forward? [long section]

Well, I’m glad you asked. Here are Midknight Heroes our core principle is transparency. Not all companies do this and in fact, I was told by many insiders when I started Midknight Heroes do not be transparent. Well, I went against their advisement and from the get-go been as transparent as I could and that is what I’m going to do now. There are some really cool things on the horizon for Midknight Heroes, things that I don’t see others doing. Now I could be wrong and if I am I will be the first one to admit that. First up we will be continuing to expand our Super Chibi Universe with fully written stories published by our partner MONOLITH. Right now we have Super Chibi Clash that was written by me Brian Saunders and it is the first book we have published. It’s currently out in its collector’s edition but you can also find it in an issue release format on the MONOLITH site. In total it is 5 books and it takes place in our main world Super Chibi Clash telling the story of how an unlikely hero from the world of Super Chibi Sector 7 was pulled in and saved the day. It’s a 5 issue series that will be expanded on in the very near future as well. We also have other stories in the works right now by me and other writes and our plan is to release them next year with Super Chibi Tactics V1 a 5 issue series to be the first one to launch. So keep an eye out on that one. Moving forward these books will be the primary method of setting the mood and tone of each Super Chibi world and will be the mainstay. All our books will start off in digital format but as the series ends you will be able to get a collector’s edition that will be available in paperback. All of this will be made available on the MONOLITH website followed by the Midknight Heroes site after a pre-determined date.

Now Super Chibi is not the only universe we are building in book format it’s just the first one we started. We are also working on our take of a fantasy world call Mythos with the Book titled, The Chronicles of Mythos. This world is a very anime take on fantasy featuring a new spin on modern fantasy tropes. It was heavily influenced but anime such as Escaflowne and other along those lines. This new series will be written by Brian Saunders and will start off with a 12 issue first season and be published by MONOLITH. The idea is for this series to be ongoing and span many volumes till it reaches its conclusion years down the road. This world will also spawn its own 30mm miniature line and game as well. (More on that in just a second) you may not know this but Mythos is not new, it has been an ongoing project for Midknight Heroes since we started the company and has gone through MANY changes. At one point it was a pure sci-fi story called The Omega Saga but was then later scrapped for the current rendition. Yeah for those who have been following us form the start may remember a little about The Omega saga. It was our first ever KS and it crashed…bad. But we learned and moved forward. Expect The Chronicles of Mythos books in 2019 with a 30mm miniature line to follow soon after

That’s allot planed but we are not done. Not by a long shot. We do not just want to make Miniatures and stories but games as well. And we do have a few games in the pipeline. Now we have already talked about our first game Super Chibi A.C.E. and how we plan on releasing it but what we have not talked about is the others games in the works. So let’s talk about the other Super Chibi Game we got going on Code Named Super Chibi Quest.

SCQuest will be a pure pen and paper RPG game set in the core world of Super Chibi Clash. I'm not going to go into to much detail right now on the system and things but understand it will be a traditional RPG much like Dungeon and Dragons, Pathfinder and others games. You will be able to play as your own characters or use our premade characters and run through set modules we will write up. Our plan once it gets going to have a team write up modules/adventures and release them on a regular basis so you can run through them and defeat the evil NPC’s. We will also be creating a chibi dungeon tiles set as well just for the game with custom loot cards and many other cool things to make the experience super enjoyable. Our goal is to try and get this one out to you all by the end of 2019 and will update you closer to the time we launch.

WIP Logo

**WIP Logo***

The next game follows the story of The Chronicles of Mythos. It will be our first tabletop skirmish game and in fact, serve as a system to later down the road create a chibi skirmish game using the same system. The game will Kickstarter with a 30mm miniatures line that will include characters from The Chronicles of Mythos book. The Idea is to have the rules as a free download off the net but if you want a super cool rule book then you can purchase it as well. The idea of the game it to be a small squad and either fight other teams or big monsters like dragons that can be controlled by another player. We are still in the design phase of this game but we have the skeleton done now we just need to add the meat.

W.I.P. of the Golem Me'Thule for the New Chronicles of Mythos

So this is pretty much all that we got going on. I know it was long and if you made it to the end, you are awesome. So take care and we will talk to you soon with more cool news.

Brian "Natakue" Saunders

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