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Wait what? Spooky Sale? Damien get out of our system!

***Incoming transmission form the web master***

HELP! I think Damien may have possessed our web store. HE's invoking a sale on select items! You have to hurry before he take total control. We will try and stop him but I don't know how long we can hold out. "

SILENCE MORTAL! I now control this store and I see fit to conduct a sale. HAHAHA

You can try and stop me but your items will now be one sale...

***He has already set some sales active we will try and gain access to shut correct the issue. But I dont know how long we will be in the system.***

You can try all you want but for now this system is mine!

You peasants can now en joy my fruits, and if by any change they do change what I sale, I will just sale something else! HAHAHA

***Hey Heroes now until November 4th we will be having a Spooky sale here at Midknight Heroes. Damien Kane has some how gained access to our web store and causing issues. He's set all our books to sale and set random miniatures for sale each day. It seems as we push him though he changes whats for sale. So while we take care of our problem it seems its a blessing to you. Keep an eye out because each day the sales will change. One day you may have Sedi for sale the other it could be Tenago who knows. Also, I'm not sure how but he locked down the books so I think they will be there till we can get this under control. But the miniatures I think we can play his little game,. Keep an eye out.***

[All miniatures are print on demand, print time take about a week and we ship on Mondays, Wednesday and Friday. After the print is successful you will receive a shipping confirmation when your ships]

Today's Sales: All books are on sale till November 4th

Damien and the Midknight Heroes Team...

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