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Warfaire Weekend, Nov 3rd - 5th Special MINI!

The excitement is palpable as Midknight Heroes gears up for an unforgettable weekend at Warfaire Weekend, taking place from November 3rd to 5th 2023. We're thrilled to be part of this incredible event, and we're bringing some exclusive surprises that are bound to make it a memorable experience for all attendees. From limited edition miniatures to thrilling gaming events, Midknight Heroes is set to make this Warfaire Weekend truly exceptional.

Limited Edition Miniature: Evera or $10

One of the highlights of our presence at Warfaire Weekend is the release of a limited edition special Warfaire Weekend miniature. Introducing Evera, a stunning and meticulously crafted miniature desiged by Midknight Hereos and the staff of Warfaire Weekend, Evera will be available exclusively during this event for only $10. nd will be able to be played on release in Dual Fates. Evera is a collector's dream, boasting intricate details and craftsmanship that you won't find anywhere else. Ahoy Mate!

Please note that these limited edition miniatures will be available in limited quantities, so make sure to swing by our booth early to secure your piece of gaming history!

Special Event: Dual Fates - Night of the Dead, The Undead Court

Prepare yourselves for a gaming experience like no other at Warfaire Weekend with our special event, "Dual Fates: Night of the Dead." This immersive and spine-tingling event is a King of the Hill themed adventure where you and your fellow gamers must band together to survive the relentless onslaught of the Undead Court.

As night falls, darkness blankets the battlefield, and the eerie sounds of the undead echo through the air. Your team's mission is to hold the hill against wave after wave of menacing undead creatures, testing your strategy, teamwork, and bravery. Do you have what it takes to survive the night and claim victory over the Undead Court?

Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping adventure that will challenge your tactical skills and provide hours of unforgettable gaming fun.


Warfaire Weekend promises to be an unforgettable experience for tabletop gaming enthusiasts, and Midknight Heroes is thrilled to be a part of it. Don't miss your chance to own the limited edition Evera miniature or $10, and make sure to mark your calendar for our special event, "Dual Fates: Night of the Dead." With limited quantities available, you won't want to wait too long to visit our booth and join in on the excitement.

Join us at Warfaire Weekend from November 3rd to 5th, and let's make it a weekend filled with epic adventures, thrilling battles, and unforgettable memories. We can't wait to see you there!

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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