We did it! Super Chibi Round 4 Fully Funded!

Heroes, we did it! Super Chibi Round 4 funded earlier today. This Kickstarter was the most successful one to date and it was all because of you.

So, whats next?

Well, its time to get to work. First, all the stretch goals need to be sculpted and as we sculpt them you will be updated on the whole process including casting. Now, our goal is to get these all out to the backers by October 2018 and if for some reason there is any delay you will be the first to know. As of right now, we expect no delays but you never know what will happen.

Any more Kickstarters planed?

Yes but none until at least 2019. We believe in fulfilling one Kickstarter before we start another. So what will that Kickstarter be? Well up until last week we had a plan and knew what would be next KS but some doors have opened for us that could change those plans. I cant talk about them in detail yet but I can say this. We now have two games in different stages of development and the possibility of one of them changing drastically. So we are not 100% sure if either one of the games will be our next KS or not. If for some reason they are not ready then we will do another mini Kickstarter for sure to expand our range. Look for more info on this soon.

Oh. we also want to let you know about a very special Face