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We have a date! Nov 20th, Yin & Yang Kickstarter

So, we have a date. November 20th till December 4th.

Follow this link for a reminder.

This campaign will feature just two incredible miniatures Yin and Yang in the core set and two fantastic stretch goals. If the KS takes off very well, we will add a third and final stretch goal to complete a faction box set for Dual Fates. Now, we've set our initial funding goal at just $200, with stretch goals opening at $400 and $600. Why keep it small, you ask? We want to ensure this expansion doesn't overshadow our annual larger Kickstarter coming up in March, and our goal is to just get minis out to expand the line and get more units in Dual Fates. So, think of this as a delightful appetizer before the main course!

Like we stated before since this is a "smaller" Kickstarter we will offer .STL files and physical prints. the goal is to get the .STL files out faster and the physical prints out by no later than February before our March Kickstarter.

So click on the link and set a reminder, your not going to want to miss this one.

Brian and the Midknight Heroes team.

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