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Welcome, Midknight Heroes Box, and the launch of ManaPath miniature line!

It's now official, our Patreon is no longer Super Chibi box but now Midknight Heroes Box. With the start of the May box, we are changing the name because it will now reflect all our miniature ranges. What do we mean by that? Well, starting is this box, the May box we are launching a new line called ManaPath. ManaPath is our very own 30mm and up anime-inspired fantasy line. It has its roots in fantasy but also has so very cool anime twits in it. for example in the world of ManaPath, there are Golems. The idea of a golem is nothing new in a fantasy setting but ManaPath's take on it is very much different. Instead of being your more traditional golem the golems of ManaPath are more robotic and are built using special magic. Each golem has a "driver" that is bound to the golem via magic and commands the Gole to perform its action. The golem itself via the binding process takes on its own personality reflecting its driver. The golem is in service to the driver till its destruction or the death of the driver. In the latter, the golem will power down till it is given a new driver and will assume a new personality when it does. Sometimes however when a driver dies the golem does not power down and fully takes on the personality of its former driver. They become fully independent being with independent thoughts no longer having to follow commands. This is known as being a "Free Golem" and is very rare. That was the fate of our May box miniature Me'Thule.

Me'thule was a golem to the great Knight Sir Ladavacis, together they performed great deeds and became well known as a protector of the weak and innocent. Sir Ladavacis lost his life as well as others in a battle with the great dragon Yegdra. It was during that battle that Me'thule became a free golem when he took on the vow of Sir Ladavacis as he died becoming a knight himself and continuing the battle vs Yegdra. He did not will the battle but was able to force Yegdra back and save the lives of many other drivers and golems. It was on that day that Yegdra declared Me'thule an arch-enemy and would vow to see him destroyed.

This is Me'Thule designed by me and the awesome Keiryuu Seo. We cant share with you the sculpt at this moment because he's still in the sculpting phase with some design tweaks but we can promise you he will be BIG! Here is a pic of the scale, remember the figure of Midknight is 30mm.

Here is what we do know. He will be multiple parts, how many? Not sure just yet. He will be for sure a Level 4 miniature but oh man he will be worth it. Right now he will be on a 60mm base and he will have a high action pose. He just like all our other miniatures will be 100% 3d printed and no the .stl file will not be for sale.

He will not be the first Miniature in the ManaPath line hour goes to the collector's edition of Midknight as the 30mm version will move to the ManaPath line but he is the first official ManaPath miniature to be released.

So, with that said the May box will include Me'Thule and the 30mm version of Midknight to officially launch the Manapth range. We do have two others that will be launched in the range hopefully in 2022.

Also, look out for the first book in a story that we are boing called ManaPath: The Desona Chronicles to release very soon.

As always thank you so much for all your support and without you we could not be doing what we do. Thank you!

Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

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