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Midknight Heroes provides on-demand print services for those who wish to use the service. Currently, we have the ability to print prototypes and small runs on our print farm. Current plans include expanding our farm and increasing the production for larger runs. Our current farm currently consists of Four Photon Mono X, Two Elegoo Jupiter's, and one Anycubic Vyper

Midknight Heroes' On-demand service includes Prototyping and small production runs. We also offer a profit share option for those who want the services that will allow us to print your items on demand and list them in our shop.  This is an optional service and not required for On-Demand printing and the profit share is negotiated between Midknight Heroes and the customer on a per-customer basis.  

[*Small production runs = 50 to 100 per miniature at this time]

How the Print-On-Demand works:

Every new miniature or file you need us to print will be sent to us and we will verify ownership and legibility to print. You will then tell us what printer or method you want us to print in, either FDM or Resin.  We will then take the file and build what we call a “build plate” file for our printers. At that point, we will begin testing the support structures and optimize the file via test prints. This process is at no charge to you. This is for us to figure out the best way to print your file. This process can take up to two weeks or longer for larger files and workload but, most of the time the turnaround is VERY quick. Once the file is mastered then we will print off a Prototype for you. There is a charge for this and every new model you want us to print MUST go through this process.  Once ‘mastered” we can then print on demand your file at any time. Typical times for printing a standard 30mm miniatures is about 1 to 2 hours on the Photons Mono X and larger items can vary. Once we have the prototype, we will send it to the customer for final approval. Once approved the file will be ready for print On-Demand.

The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.



Resin Price Breakdown:   


Cost of Material Resin: The raw material amount of resin used for the print

Print Time Rate: $2.00 per hour rounded up

Print Cost: $2.50

       Prototype Master Resin:    Cost of Material Resin + Print Time Rate

       Production Resin Run:    Cost of Material + Print Cost

       Production Minimum run: 10

       Production Max per Order: 200

       Delivery time: Typically, 2 – 4 weeks depending on the size of the order. But delivery times will be discussed with the customer beforehand.  

       Payment: ½ is required for production runs

*Number is based on Build Plate estimate of 3 to 10 items per build plate. That number can vary depending on the size and complexity of the item to be printed.  2 - 4 weeks is an estimated time for small runs while prototypes tend to run about a week.

**Our supports are designed to come off with ease and leave very little to no support marks on the item. Items can be shipped with or without supports. If shipped with the support it is suggested to remove them in hot water.


FDM Price Break Down:


Cost of Material Resin: The raw material amount of material used for the print

Print Time Rate: $.50 per hour rounded up

       Prototype Master and production run:   Cost of Material + Print Time Rate

       Production Minimum run: 1

       Production Max per Order: 10

       Delivery time: 2 – 4 weeks depending on the size of the order. If longer will let the customer know beforehand. 

       Payment: ½ is required for production runs



Example of how the process works.

Customer A has an item they wish to have printed on-demand. After receiving the item via whatever preferred method we will build our “Build Plate” and begin our internal testing. On the file is mastered we will create a prototype and a prototype charge will be invoiced to the customer. This invoice will include shipping and will be shipped back to the customer.  Once the customer approves the prototype then the print-on-demand service can begin for that item.

For this example, we will price it out as follows. Customer A has a 30mm single miniature with no parts. After testing we can get ten on a Build Plate. The Cost to print that build plate is $1.00 in resin material and 2 hours of print time. So, the total cost of those three prototypes are $5 + shipping. An invoice is sent out and the customer pays the invoice. The Items are shipped out to the customer and then approved by the customer. At that point, the customer wanted to print 35 of them and send them back to him.  So, at that point, each build plate is $3.50 (Cost of resin + Print Cost). The total price would be $35 for the print jobs + shipping.  [Random numbers used for this example]



Brian and the Midknight Heroes Team

Need something printed? let us know what you need to be printed and we will get back to you ASAP.

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"You provide great miniatures in packaging that my customers find desirable."
...Preston Poulter of Pocket Jacks Comics

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