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NEW VERSION!!!!!  v0.2.7


Welcome to Dual Fates! In Dual Fates, Heroes from across the realms are summoned by mysterious figures known only as summoners to battle for the fate of the universe. In Dual Fates, you are the summoner, able to summon and direct heroes and villains in battle to secure the fate of the multiverse.


Is it your fate to be victorious? Or your Fate to fall? Only time will tell…


Dual Fates is a game of tactical combat using heroes and villains spanning the Super Chibi Universe. Each summoner can summon characters to achieve their goal and secure the fate of the multiverse. Dual Fates is designed to be played on a 2x2 game mat or board and uses all the characters from the Super Chibi Universe miniature line.


Dual Fates Digital Edition is a 24-page Rulebook with all the rules you need to play Dual Fates. To play the game you will also need Unit cards and or sheets that are sold separately.


What do you need to play Dual Fates?

·      2 players (known as Summoners), with Unit cards or sheets

·      2d6 (Called your Fate) for each Summoner

·      A 2x2 gaming area with terrain.

·      Pillars of Fate Markers, these can be anything.

·      Tokens, used for tracking health and other effects. Can be whatever you want.

·      A Midknight Heroes Miniature Collection.





Dual Fates Chibi Skirmish V0.2.7 "Core Rulebook" [Digital Edition]

SKU: BG00001
  • This product is a digital product and can be used by any program that can view a .pdf.  The .pdf is protected from editing and may be reproduced via printing only for personal use. This product may not be resold or distributed without the consent of Midknight Heroes and is protected under copyright laws. 


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