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Want a Midknight Heroes Box? Don't want to become a member of Patreon? Well, we got you covered. You can join our new Midknight Hereos box and get some amazing miniature every month for only $20 a month plus shipping. 


Each month we have between two to there miniatures we send out (Depending on size and price) to our subscribers. These miniatures are random and sometimes there is a theme. You can have Super Chibi Miniatures, ManaPath Miniatures, and collectors. All proceeds from the subscription go to help create new characters in the Midknight Heroes lines. 


Here is the cool part. Of we have a new 30mm to 60mm miniature coming out soon, if you get in on the subscription, You get them a month early. Yeah, that's sweet if you ask me. 


So, join the Midknight Heroes Box and get you some cool miniature. 

MidKnight Heroes Box

Price Options
One-time purchase
Midknight Heroes Box
Midknight Heroes Subscription Box.
$20.00every month until canceled
  • This is a monthly subscription box. All boxes will be mailed out either the last of the month or the first week of the next month. 

    ALL boxes will be sent via USPS.

    Models in the box will be 30mm to 60mm in size. Larger models above 60mm are not included in the Midknight Heroes Box. Box can include any miniature from the Midknight Heroes range that is 60mm or under and could include busts and other items. 

    Subscription will be charged each month unless canceled. 

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