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There's a new sheriff in town and his name is Angus. He takes no bull when it comes to the law and if you are in his town, you will follow the law or you get the horns. He's not to keen on strangers coming into his town and causing a muck so you best be on your best behaver when you in his neck of the woods. 


While a man of the law he does often like to partake in a good drink here and there at the local saloon with the ladies and can be very protective of them but as long as you mind your pees and q you will be just fine with Angus. 


Super Chibi "Angus"

SKU: SC00040
$10.00 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
  • Design: Brian "Natakue" Saunders/ Keiryuu Seo Art:Keiryuu Seo Sculptor: Heriberto Valle Martinez Level: Level 2 Series: Super Chibi Frontier Price: $10.00 Materials: 30mm Resin Miniature Release Date: 9/31/2021 for 13 and up, not meant for children under 13] Contents: *Model supplied in a box *Model supplied unpainted.

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