Limeriea the homeworld of Super Chibi Clash is the home of princess Atheen and the heart of the Super Chibi Universe. The princess is in need of help and only the heroes of the Super Chibi Universe can help her stop her brother, Prince Argon and she has the perfect hero in mind.


Follow along as the hero Shin is chosen to save the universe from the hands of Prince Argon and his warriors.


Super Chibi Clash V1 The Complete First Season is a 5 issue miniseries published by Monolith and set in the world of Super Chibi Clash. Written by Natakue this series dives into the heart and soul of the Super Chibi Universe and what Shin must do to save it.


** Special: Each copy will come signed and will include a limited art print from the artist Jansky. Also this book includes two new stories from Brian Saunders set in the upcoming world of Mythos from Midknight Heroes.  



Author: Written by Brian "Natakue" Saunders.

Story: Brian "Natakue" Saunders

Publisher: Published by Monolith

Editor: Edited and arranged by Neuicon of Monolith

Art: Artwork by Jansky

Cover: Neuicon & Jansky

Super Chibi Clash V1 the Complete first season [Paperback]

SKU: SCEB00001

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