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Krystal, a member of the stoic race of Earthen Elfs is very wise in her young years. For years the Earthen Elfs train to perfect the art of withholding their emotions. They believe to show emotion is to be weak and clouds the judgment. They teach them selfs to suppress the emotions and to never let them out, but sometimes they need a focus to release their emotions. Krystal is no exception to this rule. Her focus is her best friend and pet, Ali the Unicorn. When it gets too much Krysta can release her emotion on Ali and even boost Alis power level in the process. This has come in use one more than one ocation after Krystal released her emotions and cracked her skin. 

Super Chibi "Krystal"

SKU: SC00031
$10.00 Regular Price
$8.00Sale Price
  • Design: Brian "Natakue" Saunders Art: Brian "Natakue" Saunders  Sculptor: Heriberto Valle Martinez Level: Level 1 Series: Super Chibi Quest Price: $10.00 Materials: 30mm Resin Miniature Release Date: 8/31/2020 [for 13 and up, not meant for children under 13] Contents: *Model supplied in box *Model supplied unpainted.

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