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Getsune, now known by her chosen name, was born into the Shadowspire Elven community in the forest of Shadowspire, much like most Elves. Despite spending countless centuries there and immersing herself in Elven traditions, she always felt like an outsider. The expectation for her to join the elite rangers of the Shadow Spire elves was not a path she desired. Still considered young by Elven standards, she left Shadowspire without permission in pursuit of her true purpose.


Her journey took her east to the land of the Uni, where she found acceptance among their caring and loving community. The Uni, though not without flaws, shared a common ideology centered around love and respect for life. As Getsune adapted to their culture, she encountered various races, including the Pandorians (cute panda people) and the Naga (snake-like beings), who preferred solitude.


Over time, Getsune embraced the ways of the Dichu, a warrior belief system emphasizing training the body as a living weapon and unlocking inner abilities. Following the Dichu path became Getsune's calling, leading her to enlightenment and mastery. By blending the magical knowledge acquired from the elves with Dichu training, she developed a unique style that remains unparalleled. Although many seek to learn from her, Getsune stands as the sole master of her distinctive approach.


Master Getsune is a 30mm level one 3d printed miniature. She is part of the Dichu faction in Dual Fates. 

Super Chibi Master Getsune "Elf Monk"

SKU: SC00061
  • Design: Brian "Natakue" Saunders Art: Brian "Natkue" Saunders Sculptor: Heriberto Valle Martinez Level: Level 1 Series: Super Chibi Quest Price: $10.00 Materials: 30mm Resin Miniature Release Date: 4/10/2024 [for 13 and up, not meant for children under 13] Contents: *Model supplied in box *Model supplied unpainted.

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