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Sedi, a young and ruthless pirate under the command of Captain Kull is known in many circles as a beautiful but deadly pirate. She showed promise with her keen eye and her ruthless demeanor from a young age and Captain Kull was quick to make her his first officer. It's true, It's rare to find an elf joining the ranks of the pirates but Sedi took to it with ease and excelled at it. Today not only is she considered the most beautiful pirate on the seas but the deadliest, most who cross her never see the light of the next day.

Super Chibi "Sedi"

SKU: SC00013
  • Design: Brian "Natakue" Saunders Art: Jansky Sculptor: Heriberto Valle Martinez Level: Level 1 Series: Super Chibi Quest Price: $7.00 Materials: 30mm Resin Miniature Release Date: 3/13/2019 [for 13 and up, not meant for children under 13] Contents: *Model supplied in Clamshell *Model supplied unpainted.

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