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Hi I'm Nelinde! I'm a creative streamer from South Wales, UK who loves to do all things miniature model and the occasional gaming!

My normal stream schedule is Monday - Wednesday 9pm GMT til late, Friday 10pm GMT til late, Saturday and Sunday 8pm GMT til late and I take Thursdays off.

I am a Official Stream Team member for the WelshGamingNetwork. You can join the Discord community at and check out the website for all the latest events, reviews and updates!

I am also on the Official Stream Team for ExtraLife and stream from their Twitch channel on Friday from 8pm-10pm GMT. Join me at

I enjoy painting miniature models from Warhammer40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmer, LotRs and I’m always on the look out for new brands of miniatures!

I really love gaming as well and often play a variety of games on stream, including games with my viewers.

Keep up to date with my latest announcements regarding all my streams and uploads and general shenanigans by following/subscribing to my social media:

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