Elizabeth is a hairdresser in the lower parts of Sector 7. Her salon, A Cut Above is the "neutral" ground of Sector 7. Like most people, these days in Sector 7 she was born into The chaos-filled city. But at a young age, she displayed a love hair and beauty. Many days she would just do her makeup and hair just for fun. As she grew older she took her love of beauty and started a business. She figured if she found something that she could love in Sector 7 why can't someone else. So she started her own salon, "A Cut Above is what she called it. Soon people from all over Sector 7 would come to get their hair done and her salon became known as "Neutral" ground in the gang-filled city. 


The Neutral ground was not enough chaos still thrived in the city and she needed to do something about it. She would take to the streets if she had to, thus the hero of Elizabeth was born. 







World: Super Chibi Sector 7

Style: Custom

Weapon:  Scissor Swords

Occupation: Day: Hair Dresser, Night: Crime Fighter

Hobbies: Hair, Makeup, Kicking butt,

Quote: "Just a little off the top."