Shin is what they call an urban ninja. Shin spent most of his younger years watching and studying martial arts films, mainly old school ninja films. He loved everything about those old school films and even taught himself how to defend himself from those movies. As he grew up his love for those movies never faded and he took it a step further. Shin grew up on the streets of Sector 7 with his best friend Luke and with very little money and no place to play, so the city became their playground. Shin learned how to maneuver the urban jungle with ease using his agility and love of the martial arts and became known around for his impressive feats and dubbed the “Urban Ninja”. Over time he and his friend went different paths in life with Shin becoming a courier for Sector 7 and Luke going down a much darker path.


These days when Shin is not performing his duties as a courier you can find him watching old school ninja films and jumping around the urban jungle known as Sector 7 just having fun. 

World: Super Chibi Sector 7

Style: Ninjutsu/Parkour

Weapon:  Nunchucks

Occupation: Sector 7 courier

Hobbies: Watching ninja movies, listing to hip-hop, Parkour

Quote: "Check this out!"


Shin, Ninja Fanboy