Damien Kane

Damien Kane: The Dark One


Damien and his twin brother Ezekiel were born to the head cleric Lycia Nightgaze, in the eastern shrine of the Emerald Realm and had a very quiet life. Their mother, the cleric of that shrine was a healer loved by many.  On the day of their 16th birthday, their lives would be changed forever and shape the world as they know it.


A battle between the avatars, the avatar of the dark and the light raged outside the boundaries of the shrine. Their mother was involved in this battle, as she was a renowned healer and with the Dark One present in this battle, her services were needed. The battle raged on and the forces of light looked to be losing the battle that day unless something was to happen they would all perish. It was rumored that the avatar of the light fell in battle that day as well to the Dark One but, no one witnessed the act. Their mother seeing that the day was lost and fearing the avatar of light had fallen retreated to her boys to make sure she could save them from the evil that was outside. The Dark One sensing her powers tracked her down and cornered her and her boys in the shrine.


That day would mark the death of their mother and the accention of Damien as the New Dark One, Avatar of the Dark. 





World: Super Chibi Quest

Style: N/A

Weapon:  Dark Sword

Occupation: Evil, just pure evil. I mean come on he's the Dark One.

Hobbies: Burning ants, causing mass chaos, stuff like that.

Quote: "Ohh my, this is going to fun."